Coders, start your IDEs!
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Coders, start your IDEs!
May 24, 2010
today is the day when students all around the world start to officially write code and blogs for Google Summer of Code project. This also has to include me. I am a little bit sad to say this, but my RPMs will not be rocketing to the skies for now. I have two (yes two) exams on Friday. For now all my thoughts are with these two, and with another project work that I am doing with my course mate.
But still, I spent some time setting up my development environment. I have successfully created a fork of phpMyAdmin code in repo.or.cz for all my coding needs. When the time came to set up git in my Windows machine I ran into one little problem. It seems that puttygen does not generate private/public keys in the exact format that ssh (on msysgit) accepts. Well this little thing cost me about an hour. |:
I am still not sure what IDE to use. For hardcore PHP projects I used NetBeans. It was a long time since I worked on any huge PHP project so every time it was enough to fire up FileZilla and Notepad++. I had a couple of Java projects this year and this is why I had to start using Eclipse. Still not really sure if that is good working with phpMyAdmin.
So for now this is all the news. I will keep on doing my school chores. Next Monday I will have some serious coding blog post. See you then.