GSoC 2010 Week #10 report
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GSoC 2010 Week #10 report
July 31, 2010
well I spent this week fixing various bugs and polishing some details. One of the more significant achievement was more sophisticated tooltip generation. Now it should work on any pie chart. Even on one with only one piece.
I have solved the base64 image length problem that I described in my last post. I decided to slice the chart image vertically into as many as 20 parts. In such way one part of a very big chart is under the limit of the base64 image length so it is displayed properly. This added some difficulties for the user when saving the chart to the hard disk. Therefore I have also added an option which allows to output a chart in one single piece.
I have tested various trivial cases for tables and checked if query results work on them. There was some tweaking to be done for these cases.
I also documented some work I have done in the wiki. You can find it here. There is also a format documented that is accepted for query results charts. You can see the preparations that need to be done for your data if you want to put it to the chart.
I have also merged master to my fork. There was only one minor conflict. This actually means that I am not changing PMA code much. I am just adding some new.
Next week I will continue polishing and fixing bugs if any.