GSoC 2010 Week #12 report
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GSoC 2010 Week #12 report
August 15, 2010
Hello everyone,
well it has come to the end. This is my last GSoC 2010 weekly report. First of all I would like to say that it was an unbelievable experience to work whole summer on the open source project such as phpMyAdmin.
Well talking about my initial proposal to phpMyAdmin not everything that was written there is implemented. Two out of the three main goals are completed. Now any user can see and create charts out of their data and I believe that I did quite a good job giving future developers a way to expand chart implementation with different chart renderers.
One thing that was in my proposal and I left it out is JS chart implementation. I dropped it because image charts looked so nice and I was able to add some interactivity (tooltips) to them which are probably the most used feature of JS charts.
I spent the last week rewriting comments so that phpdoc can understand them. I also added some documentation and linked wiki to the FAQ section of the documentation. So any user that has a problem while drawing a chart can seek help there.
Well I haven't had a blog before GSoC, but I will try to keep on posting what is happening around me. See you some time later!