GSoC 2010 Week #3 report
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GSoC 2010 Week #3 report
June 14, 2010
I am finally done with travelling and all the progress that I made last week is the progress made today. As promised I implemented the Pie chart using OFC for the query statistics.
I have put the flash file which is needed for OFC into the js/ directory. The name of the directory does not say that this is right. I believe that it should be placed into flash/ directory, but since there is no such yet (it seems that there was no Flash in PMA until me) I will temporarily keep it there.
To embed SWF file into the page I did not use SWFObject script but rather plain and simple HTML tag. I remember when some time ago this did not work correctly throughout all the browsers, but today I have tested this on every major browser using the latest version and I didn't notice any errors.
For this week I will add Pie chart to the query profiling statistics and will start working on other types of charts using OFC.
The colours and layout are not yet final. I still have to find the best place to put javascript enabled and plain image charts.