GSoC 2010 Week #4 report
June 19, 2010
there has been quite a lot of activity happening this week. First of all after some discussion I have scrapped the flash implementation of the charts. We have decided that the same chart functionality can be achieved using JS. And since JavaScript is still needed to load the data to the flash charts it does not really make much sense to have flash and JS.
This week I have implemented static image charts using pChart library. Before that I thought of implementing image charts by myself. However after stumbling upon (tm) pChart I have changed my mind. For now charts are working at the status and profiling pages. I have some code to generate charts from the query results, but I will push that and write a blog post completely on that a little bit later. These are still more or less prototypes. I do feel that it is better to try different approaches and be not afraid when deciding to go or not to go in some particular way.
Working with pChart library is quite nice. Everything is in one file hence the very easy installation. Charts look sleek and clean. The only drawback is the chart generation type. It feels that it takes extra one or two seconds to generate a chart.
During the next week I will be working on the charts for the query results. This is the most tricky part. Data is quite dynamic there and generally can be anything, thus I have to make sure to not get the user lost. More on that later...
Take care.