GSoC 2010 Week #7 report
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GSoC 2010 Week #7 report
July 11, 2010
Hey everybody,
quite a lot have happened this week. Let me have a peek to the commit list...
Aha. First of all I have found one serious bug that was present in the demo server. There was no GD extension installed there. Not quite a bug you may say, but it took me some hours to figure that out. So then I implemented some error checking and notification.
Besides error checking I changed the structure of some classes responsible for charts. This helped me to introduce new chart types quite easily. Now you can choose among bar, line, radar and pie charts for query results chart. I am still not quite happy with the new structure. There are some places where I would like to use multiple inheritance. But this only says that the design is not perfect.
Next week I will start the implementation of JS charts using flot. So for now static image chart code will stay as it is. I believe I will have to change it in some way or another because I would like to have image and JS charts looking similar, but JS charts having interactivity. I am really looking forward to this part. JS is always somewhat challenging to me. (:
See you after week!